Terrace Room

Why have your event at the Greenbriar Terrace Room? We provide a venue that is different and unique which makes it inherently more memorable to all who have experienced an event here.

We are flexible and affordable—from one day meetings, one hour meetings, to evening events, parties,  and conferences. The terrace room is perfect for all occasions at a great value! Distinct to the Greenbriar Terrace Room is a built in dance floor located in the center of the room. 

Floor Plan

Terrace Room is available to rent by Residents (Greenbriar & Glen Oaks) only

Monday-Thursday : $300.00

Friday-Sunday: $400.00

A $350.00 security deposit is required for all rentals.

The security deposit is needed to reserve your date. All payments must be made in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. No partial payments will be accepted.

All parties must end promptly:

Sunday– 10:00 PM

Monday-Thursday-10:00 PM

Friday-Saturday– 1:00 AM

Interested in renting the Terrace Room? Contact the on-site office at 301-441-1096.

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