Frequently Asked Questions

Such as fire (after calling Fire Dept. ‑ 911,) 24 hours ‑ 301-596-2086, flood and sewer backups.

Homeowner responsibility.  The filter should be changed every season.  Condensate drain line should be cleaned using hot water in May of each year.  The pan under the air handler can deteriorate over time and is a homeowner responsibility to replace.  Air handler life expectancy is 15-25 years.  If you have an original unit you are past your expected air handler life.

Homeowner responsibility.  See neighbor or yellow pages for a recommended repair company.

All exterior architectural changes (i.e. window replacements, balcony enclosures, etc.) must follow approved guidelines and be approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation.  These changes are to follow all building code guidelines enforceable by county and city law.  Contact the on-site office for more details about Board approved contractors.

These are limited common elements reserved for the exclusive use of the owner of the home.  The Association inspects balconies and patios to insure owners are abiding by the regulations restricting storage of items. See the rules and regulations.

Open to all owners.  Held in the community building.  A schedule of upcoming meetings is mailed annually to all homeowners. See Board Meeting Dates page.

Contact Comcast Communications – for sales 301-731‑9826; for service/repairs 301-499-1980.
Verizon FIOS  - For more information on availability, sales and service visit their website at

Homeowner responsibility in the unit.  The association is responsible for common hallway carpeting.  Replacement is done on a schedule as budgeted.

Homeowner responsibility to repair and replace, but association responsibility to paint.  Painting is done on a schedule as budgeted and not at homeowner request.  (unit entry doors)

Electric is a common expense that is included in your condominium fee. 

A contracted service for each Saturday of the month between 9am – 3pm.  Residents should contact Budget Bugs at 443-605-2143 directly to schedule an appointment. 

Homeowner responsibility except for common hallway glass.

Cleaning is done by the Greenbriar staff, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and follows a schedule for both daily and long term cleaning, call the Greenbriar On-Site Office at 301-441-1096 for specific requests.

Central two pipe system for entire 1,192 unit complex.  Only one service can be provided at any given time. Turn on and turn off dates are determined each season (notices indicating change dates are posted) based on past history.  Air handlers in the units are the owner's responsibility.  Maintenance, cleaning and/or replacement of air handlers should be done in the spring and fall.  The shut off valves isolating your air handler from the central system are the individual owner’s responsibility to replace.

The association maintains a master casualty and liability insurance policy.  Homeowners should also see their insurance agent about covering their personal property, including furniture, clothes, food, glass, property improvements, upgrades, additional living expense and loss assessment coverage.  If the cause of any damage to or destruction of any portion of condo originates from a unit, the owner of that unit is responsible for the condo association's deductible up to $5,000.  You can insure this on your personal homeowner’s policy, so be sure to talk to your agent.  Those homeowners in ground floor units should consider purchasing groundwater and sewer backup coverage.

The association provides no keys to any units.  For a mailbox key, contact a locksmith and the Greenbelt Post Office at 1-800-275-8777.  For keys to trash rooms, storage rooms or bike rooms, or rear door lock (all trash rooms and rear doors are locked), contact the Greenbriar On-Site Office at 301-441-1096.

A sub‑contracted service providing a comprehensive schedule of maintenance as permitted by the budget.

Those originating from within a unit are a homeowner responsibility to repair as well as damages to other units and common area resulting from a leak originating from within the unit.  Be sure toilet seals are replaced and tubs, faucets and diverters are caulked as needed.  Common pipe leaks are the association's responsibility. 

Units may be rented only in their entirety; no fraction or portion may be rented.  All rentals must be for a term of no less than six (6) months.  A copy of the lease agreement must be submitted to the Greenbriar On-Site Office.  All leases should state that tenants agree to abide by the association’s legal documents, i.e. Rules & Regulations, etc.  Please review the unit occupancy restrictions prior to renting your unit.
The City of Greenbelt Community Development office would like everyone to be aware that all residential rental units within the City limits are required to be licensed and inspected annually.  If you have not yet obtained a license, or you have any questions, please call 301-345-5417.

Homeowner responsibility to repair and replace.  Please note that the condominium association, nor the management agent handles lock‑outs.  Please leave a key with a neighbor, friend, in your car, or wherever it will be convenient for you to locate if you should be locked out of your unit.

These grills are not allowed on any patio/balcony due to the fire hazards they present.  Please use the common area grills for outdoor grilling.

ALL PARKING SPACES IN THE GREENBRIAR PARKING LOT REQUIRE A PERMIT DURING DESIGNATED TOWING ENFORCEMENT HOURS.  The areas marked Permit “A” require a “Permit A” (green) permit from 9 PM to 7 AM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.   All unmarked parking spaces require a “Parking Permit” (blue - guest) from MIDNIGHT TO 7 AM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.   
ONE green “Permit A” permit and TWO blue “Parking Permits” are issued to each home, and can be used on any of your vehicles.  Permits will only be issued to either resident owners or to tenants with a release from the owner, a current lease addendum on file and a current City of Greenbelt Rental License on file.  ALL THREE PARKING PERMITS MUST BE TRANSFERRED FROM SELLER TO PURCHASER AT SETTLEMENT.  IF THIS DOES NOT OCCUR, THE NEW OWNER MUST PAY A SUBSTANTIAL FEE FOR A REPLACEMENT PERMIT.   
If lost, permits may be replaced at a substantial fee as long as the account with the association is current, there are no maintenance violations and only after approval.  Any vehicle that parks in any parking space without displaying a current Greenbriar permit during tow hours will be subject to fines and/or towing at the vehicle owner's expense without warning or notification.  If you are towed call Fastlane Towing at 240-280-7285.  The association does not reimburse for towing charges.  Please refer to Article IX of the enclosed Rules and Regulations for all Parking Rules, including commercial vehicles, repairs, etc. 

The Terrace Room in the community building is available for rent to Greenbriar and Glen Oaks residents exclusively.  Please contact the Community Assistant at 301-441‑1096 for details.

Activities passes and tennis court keys are available from the Greenbriar On-Site Office, call 301-441‑1096.  There is a $20.00 refundable charge for tennis court keys.

If you choose to use the in-house rules enforcement process, rule violations must be reported in writing to the Board of Directors, c/o CVI, 6300 Woodside Court, Suite 10, Columbia, MD  21046-3212.  Violation complaint cards may be obtained through the Greenbriar On-Site Office or CVI.  Violations are enforceable by fines, loss of common area privileges or legal action.  Maintenance violations not corrected by the owner can be repaired by the condominium with all administrative, material and labor costs charged to the owner.  Some complaints may be handled by the City of Greenbelt, the police or by Prince George’s County.  Residents may want to seek help from their local government.

Homeowner responsibility.  Most hardware stores can help you.

Work does not usually commence until snow has ceased falling or 2" has accumulated.  Level of service is determined by budget.  Homeowners are encouraged to use extreme caution when walking on steps, sidewalks and parking lots.

For use by residents at their own risk.  See "KEYS" above for keys to storage room.  No flammable items are allowed.  Rooms must be kept neat for fire safety.  Items must be stored 18” below sprinklers.  Each bin is numbered with unit #, homeowners provide their own locks.  No items may be stored in aisles.  There is a separate storage room for bikes.

The area that may be needed to have your phone system repaired is in a locked room.  For access, you need to contact the Greenbriar On-Site Office at 301-441-1096 during regular business hours on Mondays - Fridays, to arrange for the phone company technician to have a key signed out.  This cannot be done on the weekends or holidays, so please be sure to plan in advance.

A sub‑contracted service MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY (excluding holidays).  Bulk items can be taken to the trash room, except large furniture or large appliances.  Have delivery service remove old appliances if possible.  Construction debris and large furniture must be hauled from the property at the expense of the individual resident.  Recycling is hauled away on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Owned by each homeowner, not the association.  If you decide to replace your windows, you must first receive written approval from the Board of Directors.  Please contact the Greenbriar on-site office (301-441-1096) for more details.

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