Board of Directors

Each Phase of Greenbriar and GCA is governed by an elected Board of Directors, consisting of five members each.  Each March, members are elected to the open positions on the Board by the homeowners. These elected representatives sit on the Board and make decisions on behalf of the homeowners. The Board's duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Bylaws of the Association. These are hefty responsibilities for your elected men and women on the Board. This is not a paid job, but a volunteer position. These homeowners devote their time and energy to help improve the Greenbriar community.

Phase I Board of Directors
President -  Lawrence Noda, term expires 3/19
Vice President - LaVerne Smith, term expires 3/21
Secretary - Missy Dodd, term expires 3/21
Treasurer - Evelyn Kenley, term expires 3/19
Director - Rhonda Furmanski, term expires 3/17

Phase II Board of Directors
President -  Linda Kulle, term expires 3/19
Vice President - Open
Secretary - Mary Blizard, term expires 3/17
Treasurer - Doris Johnson, term expires 3/18
Director - Sherre Washington, term expires 3/19

Phase III Board of Directors
President - Angeline Butler, term expires 3/18
Vice President -  Frances Kemper, term expires 3/19
Secretary - Odella King, term expires 3/19
Treasurer - Carol Adams, term expires 3/18
Director - Anne Weldon, term expires 3/18

Greenbriar Community Association Board of Directors
President -   Jeanette Gordy, term expires 3/18
Vice President - Didi Peck, term expires 3/19
Secretary - Carol Adams, 3/18
Treasurer- Therese Benedik, term expires 3/17
Glen Oaks Rep - Fran Bennett, term expires 3/17
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